White Winged Dove – BBQ Bacon Jalapeno

  • 15 White Winged Doves
  • 15-20 green jalapenos 
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt
  • One package thin bacon – bacon cut in middle
  • Grated cheddar cheese
  • 1 x Avecado – chopped
  • Favorite BBQ Sauce
  • Either dried, diced onion or caremelized chopped fresh onion
  • Caldo de pollo to taste


  • Separate individual dove breasts from bones
  • Halve jalapenos and de-seed
    • Combine with doves and BBQ sauce 
    • Marinade for 1 hour
  • Combine Greek yogurt, avocado and cheese, pepper, onion, seasoning, caldo de pollo
  • Stuff jalapenos with yogurt mixture
  • Place a single dove on top of each stuffed jalapeno
  • wrap with half strip of bacon
  • LifeProTip: Put wrapped dove on shish kabob skewer 
  • Heat BBQ grill up to max heat – add skewers to center of grill
    • (Oil grill first with spray or brushed oil so birds do not stick for turn)
  • Grill until bacon is cooked – (at about 550F, 8 min and 8 min on med-low)

Opinion: They turn out better when finished in small convection oven at highest temp

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