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GPS Map Repos – Free (Garmin)

OSM Map On Garmin/Download   GPS File Depot CloudMade   Order of Operations: Download the Maps *.img file 1) Copy the existing GMAPSUPP, your old map, to your PC so you don’t lose it. 2) Delete the GMAPSUPP on the SD card / mounted GPS. 3) Copy your new map IMG […]

Google Voice Commands

110+ Google Now Voice Commands You Can Use By Ashutosh KS. Filed in Tools General Information “Search for [WordPress hosting]? “Say [where is the movie theatre] in [French]?” “How do you say [hello] in [Spanish]?” “What is [Android]?” “Who invented [the computer]?” “Define [contemporary]“ “What is the meaning of [world]?” “Who is married to […]


What is AlienVault? We provide simple, affordable and compete security products to those companies who have been under-served by the current status quo AlienVault makes hardware, virtual or cloud-based appliances. The product is thought of as a SIEM (security information event management)  technology that provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications. […]

Droid Apps Worth Installing – For Real Estate Professionals

The following content is taken from a larger document presented at our 2011 KW Family Reunion event in Anaheim, CA. We gathered information by surveying our Market Center Technology Coordinators and Leadership all over North America. There are also a few personal favorites included. These are the categories used to break up the types of […]

Bob Parsons – A True Godaddy Experience

I recently attended a convention hosted by Wild West Domains/GoDaddy.  I met founder and CEO Bob Parsons who made a rousing one hour speech that moved and inspired me. This is a summary and simple commentary of that speech: Bob Parsons started off by saying the average American had a higher IQ than him. There’s […]

Online Advertising

Online Advertising We talked about ad words and other forms of online advertising in our April and May tech calls – We’re moving into a new era with advertising.. People are taking their money out of offline and spending it onlineA Dynamic AdReaction survey shows what types of ads consumers are receptive too. (graphic below)  Users […]