Closed Cell – 2 Pound – Spray Foam Insulation

After we purchased our current home we found asbestos (vermiculite) in the rock-wool kitchen insulation. I could not, in good faith, keep the ceilings up, knowing that was all looming overhead. Additionally, the upstairs was hot.. very hot.. it had very little (or missing) insulation.  All walls and ceilings were torn down – throughout the […]

Lost Civilization of Lake Buchanan: Lost Mines, Precious Metals & Radioactivity

When the water levels were low enough, we could drive up to this area. With the rains this year, it’s since been re-hidden under the waters of this lake. Bluffton: Texas’ Lost Civilization Rises from Lake Buchanan     Other interesting, historical stories from the same area – Similar to the rare-earth minerals at nearby places […]

Austin Energy – Electrical Service Issue Escalation – Contact Information

Should you run into any issue with your electrical service or installation thereof that requires escalation, here is the contact information you will need: Director:  Electric Service Delivery – Allen Small –   – 512.505.7111   Vice President:  Electric Service Delivery  – Dan Smith – – 512-505-7009, 512-203-3069-mb Austin Electric Claims – Belinda Bayarena – […]

Map of Austin – Year 1887

This is a 15MB map of Austin we found online. There was no owner/creator listed with the image to give credit to. It’s unfortunate – this is a really neat glimpse into our history. Thank you for your research and a glimpse into our past Anonymous Austin Historian! Click here to Download Full Resolution – […]

Rice Noodles

Make broth: In large boiling pot, bring to boil: One large onion – chopped into larger pieces One clove garlic – finely sliced 4 x tblspn lemon pepper 1/4 cup red caldo de pollo – to taste 2 x lemons –  juice Bunch of fresh oregano – stemmed Bunch of fresh basil Pepper – to taste […]

Chicken & Dumplings – Pressure Cooker

Grandma’s Recipe: Whole chicken – cut into pieces – salt and pepper Brown in pressure cooker 4 cups water Cut up: Onions, celery, carrots (grandma used regular salt, not Caldo de pollo) Order of operations Pressure cook – 15 minutes on high heat Let cooker cool Make dumplings Take the meat out of soup, remove […]

Chicken Tenders (Strips) – Iron Skillet

Directions: 3-4 Chicken Breasts – sliced into tender sized pieces Marinade chicken tenders in orange juice and soy sauce (or not) 4 cups flour 4 eggs 1 cup milk Parmesan breadcrumbs – 1/3 of canister 1/2 cup cornmeal 1 cup parmesan cheese 1 paprika Caldo de pollo pepper basil oregano Peanut oil Prep: Add two […]