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Closed Cell – 2 Pound – Spray Foam Insulation

After we purchased our current home we found asbestos (vermiculite) in the rock-wool kitchen insulation. I could not, in good faith, keep the ceilings up, knowing that was all looming overhead. Additionally, the upstairs was hot.. very hot.. it had very little (or missing) insulation.  All walls and ceilings were torn down – throughout the […]

House of Tools

Average Costs of Fixing, Upgrading or Remodeling

RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING ESTIMATES Electrical Retrofit  receptacle – rewire reverse polarity $50-$75  standard light fixture $125-$200  receptacle – replace conventional with GFCI $100-$125  receptacle-CO/ALR (aluminum) $75-$100  receptacle – stove/dryer $100-$125  receptacle-conventional $125-$150  receptacle-split $175-$250  receptacle – exterior with cover $175-$250  fluorescent light fixture $180-$250  ground-public system $90-$120  ground-private system (with ground rods) $250-$300  exhaust […]

Life Expectancy of Household Components

The National Association of Home Builders put together a study that totaled average life expectancies for various housing components. To get this information, NAHB conducted a comprehensive telephone survey of manufacturers, trade associations and researchers to develop information about the longevity of housing components. Many of the people interviewed emphasized that the life expectancy of […]

Insulation Choices and Pricing for Your Home

If you’re a homeowner and looking to beef up your insulation, which material is best for you? Insulation comes in many forms these days and there is not a simple answer. One type of insulation will be better suited for your situation than another. Some installations you can actually do yourself and others require the […]

City of Austin Building Codes, Ordinances and Technical Information

**Dont’ ask how long it took to find this, but the content of this page is buried in the COA website…. and is now added here for a little extra visibility** There are several sources of codes and technical specifications that the City of Austin follows. We follow the Austin City Code of Ordinances Land […]

Free Paint at Austin ReBlend!

  Not only can you dispose of your hazardous materials and waste safely here, you can: Dispose of Automotive Products Dispose of Lawn Care Products Dispose of Batteries Recycle Paint and Paint Products Recycle Empty Containers. NOTE: Austin reblend is prohibited by TCEQ regulations to take waste from businesses Let’s get to the point though… In […]