City of Austin Building Codes, Ordinances and Technical Information

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There are several sources of codes and technical specifications that the City of Austin follows. We follow the

  • Austin City Code of Ordinances
  • Land Development Code
  • Local Amendments to Building Codes
  • Rules Postings
  • Standard Specifications and Standard Details
  • Technical Criteria Manuals
  • Technical Code Interpretations
  • Some Code-Related Presentations.
  • Proposed Land Development Code Amendments

Land Development Code (Chapter 25)

Austin City Code

Technical Criteria Manuals

The Technical Criteria Manuals provide specifications and interpretations of the administrative duties that are established under the City Code, ordinances or another law. City departments may create, clarify, or amend the rules in the Technical Criteria Manual for which that department is responsible. The City of Austin has nine (9) Technical Criteria Manuals: (1) Building; (2) Environmental; (3) Drainage; (4) Fire; (5) Transportation; (6) Standards; (7) Standards & Specifications; (8) Utilities; and (9) Traditional Neighborhood District. View all of Austin’s criteria manuals as well as the City Code.

Standard Details and Specifications

Access, review and download current versions of Standards and Standard Specifications. See also CAD files.

Local Amendments to Building Codes

Building Code (Links below are PDF files)

Energy Code

Electric Code

Fire Code

Property Maintenance Code

Mechanical Code

Plumbing Code

Residential Code

Solar Energy Code


Technical Code Interpretations

Building Code

Residential Code

Plumbing Code – none

Electric Code

Mechanical Code – none

Energy Code

Fire Code – none

International Property Maintenance Code – none

Code-Related Presentations

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