HDMI – The correct way install HDMI cabling over 50 feet

This is a public service so that no one else makes the mistake or spends the money and time (in the attic) that I did to make this work.

HDMI cable is expensive and will only support distances up to 50ft before steps must be taken in order to avoid signal loss/degradation.

Monoprice is the only company I ever use for projects of this type. They have the most competitive pricing, the best customer service and the product quality is outstanding.  I only wish I had consulted with their tech team before I spent unnecessary money and time on this project.

The best way to achieve a distance longer than 50, but less than 198ft,  is to make the run using two Cat6 cables with the HDMI extender they offer.

You will need:

  • HDMI® Extender using Cat5e/CAT6 cable extending up to 196 ft, Supporting DDC & HDCP
    • Two CAT6 cables are required for this device
    • There are two parts 1) initial extender and 2) receiver. The receiver requires 110V power source
  • 2 x (long run #)FT 24AWG Cat6A 500MHz STP Ethernet Bare Copper Network Cable
  • 2 x (short run#)FT 24AWG CL2 High Speed HDMI® Cable w/ Net Jacket
    • Two short, high quality HDMI cables are required for output from source to the extender and input from the extender to the destination

    This is how I configured the system and HDMI for my own personal setup.


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