How to Make Match Rockets

I remembered doing this as a kid and was trying to teach my son the other day. My thanks goes out to the following two sites that did posted good content.

There’s a couple better options and some technique tweaks below in addition to their content.


You will need:

  “Strike Anywhere Matches”. When I was taught match rockets in the 80’s, matches were much more combustible than they are now. My rockets weren’t getting of the ground with standard Strike on Box matches.

Cut the Heavy Duty Tin Foil into about 1.25 inch squares before hand (do a bunch so you can mass produce rockets)

You will need stiff wire (coat hanger or copper wire to create a launch pad – pictured at the bottom)

Large Paper clips for the exhaust chamber – a large chamber will prevent burn-outs during combustion


Grasp the match and the paperclip in one hand. Ensure the tip of the paperclip is just below the head of the match









Place match slightly below the middle of the foil on the left hand side

NOTE: Experiment by turning foil 45 degrees. The diamond fold approach creates a longer exhaust chamber













5-continue folding until out of foil



 Tightly wrap the match until all the foil is used up






6- twist the tinfoil and squeeze tightly around the match


Take the excess foil above the match head and twist tightly – careful not to break the foil seal around the match head







7 - Fold twisted tinfoil over and remove the match


Fold the twisted part of the foil over the match head and down the length of the paperclip

Pinch all sides again to ensure the seal.

Remove the paperclip and be careful not to crush exhaust chamber





8 - place match rocket onto launch pad




Place match into the launching device (pad)







9 - apply flame directly to the tinfoil until match combusts and launches




Hold a flame under the head of the match until combustion is achieved.


Roll it!! 

Repeat it!!!

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