Williamson Creek

According to the sources in Wikipedia, Williamson creek, running through the park, is fed by a number of unnamed tributaries which are in turn fed by perennial springs of the St. Elmo Bench aquifer. Some of the tributaries are heavily wooded, and the area been recognized as environmentally sensitive by the city of Austin. Together with Kensington Park it is the most extensively studied and documented areas of environmental value in southeast Austin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Williamson_Creek_Greenbelt

Williamson Creek rises just west of Oak Hill in southeastern Travis County and runs southeast for approximately eighteen miles. It flows through a variety of business and residential areas, to its confluence with Onion Creek.

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Williamson Creek West Greenbelt


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Most recent news:


This restoration project will stabilize and restore 3,000 linear feet of Williamson Creek Tributary 2, upstream of McKinney Falls State Park, to protect nearby property and improve the stream integrity.

The project will also include treatments at storm drain outfalls and a bio-filtration pond to improve water quality.

The project is needed because the Watershed Protection Department identified Williamson Creek Tributary 2 as a high priority reach for stream stabilization through the Master Plan Problem Scoring and Prioritization System. Several structures along the tributary are threatened by erosion, including homes, fences, yards, and the East Stassney Lane culvert crossing. Additionally, the tributary has localized flood deficiencies.

Components of this project include:

  • Stream restoration along approximately 3000 feet of the reach to stabilize the stream and protect property along the tributary
  • Construction of a sedimentation/biofiltration water quality pond at the intersection of Nuckols Crossing and Teri Road to improve water quality in the stream
  • Revegetation with native plants to maintain the natural and traditional character of Central Texas streams and provide habitat for terrestrial & aquatic species


Williamson Creek Tributary 2, between Nuckols Crossing Road and East Stassney Lane

Approximate Dates

Construction anticipated to start in March 2013

Gallery of Williamson Creek – South Austin

Williamson Creek at South 1st - 09192013

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