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Homestead Exemption – What you Need to Know to File in Austin, Texas

Homestead Exemption Facts for Austin Texas What exemptions are available? There are several partial and absolute exemptions available. Some of these exemptions includ: General Residential Homestead Over 65 Over 55 Surviving Spouse Disability Homestead Disabled Veterans, Charitable Religious Freeport and Pollution Control Additional information can be found on the Forms page of their website under […]

Insulation Choices and Pricing for Your Home

If you’re a homeowner and looking to beef up your insulation, which material is best for you? Insulation comes in many forms these days and there is not a simple answer. One type of insulation will be better suited for your situation than another. Some installations you can actually do yourself and others require the […]

Homeownership in Texas – FHA Mortgages

 General information you may not have known about FHA FHA mortgages are not government loans. The lenders that issue FHA loans are approved vendors of FHA, government backed, loans.The lowest amount you can put down is 3.5% of the sale price of the home.  There are no more seller assisted down-payment programs NOTE – There […]

Austin’s New Light Rail Transit, the Bus and Some Other Musings

Most people would agree that Austin needs better public transit. What Austinites cannot agree on is what type of transit, where and at what cost. In my opinion, light rail is an essential element to the evolution of a great city. We cannot depend on upgraded/wider roads to improve our overall transportation systems. I also […]

Short Term Rentals in Austin are OK!

Opponents called the rentals a nuisance, landowners aren’t registering their rentals and the city wasn’t collecting  hotel taxes. Lots of Austinites leave town and rent their homes during SXSW and ACL weekends. Why not? You can make some good money! Some neighborhood groups raised concerns earlier this year pushing for strict regulations, saying it will be […]

Do It Yourself – Pest Control

The reason this post came about was an email sent out within my circle of friends today .  One friend asked for a good pest control solution.  I provided Cy-kick as an alternative to hiring a professional (as I have over the years).  Soon after 4-5 other friends in the same circle chimed in and […]